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Garden Group

This summer Community Programs facilitated a gardening group for youth of all ages. The objective was to work together for one afternoon per week, for 12 weeks throughout the summer on community and personal garden projects in order to increase understanding and appreciation of our role in the natural world, while teaching creative and critical thinking skills. The youth participating in Gardening Group also had the opportunity to serve as community role models while problem solving and volunteering within their community. During the gardening group, youth practiced pro-social skills, creative and critical thinking, positive communication and worked towards developing an understanding of roles as well as responsibilities within their community.

One of the many projects that the Garden Group completed this summer was gathering random recycled items to create non-traditional scarecrows. Students and staff sought donations of wooden sticks, clean milk jugs, bells, foam stuffing, hay, burlap, hats, old clothes and string with the intent to reuse materials and not spend any money when making their scarecrows. The youth got very creative and had a lot of fun. Another project was making bird houses. Here are some of our pictures from this summer’s Garden Group:

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