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AK Child & Family became the first and remains the only agency in Alaska to achieve Sanctuary Certification. Sanctuary certification is a process to ensure every aspect of our agency is aligned with best practices and trauma-informed care. It symbolizes an organization’s commitment to providing a quality care, a trauma-sensitive environment for the people served, and a better work environment for employees. Sanctuary certification is designed to promote, sustain, and strengthen an organization’s commitment to the maintenance of a trauma-informed culture for all of its stakeholders.
The Sanctuary Model rests on four "pillars" that enable organizations to practice congruently:

  • Shared Knowledge – Trauma Theory: Scientifically-grounded knowledge about trauma, adversity, and attachment
  • Shared Values – Sanctuary Commitments: A set of values that lead individuals and organizations away from trauma-reactive behaviors
  • Shared Language – S.E.L.F. Framework: A trauma-informed way of making decisions, problem-solving and planning
  • Shared Practice – Sanctuary Toolkit – A set of practical and simple interventions that reinforce the language and philosophy of the Sanctuary Model

We encourage you to visit the Sanctuary website to learn more about the model.


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