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TreatMent Parent FAQ

Hello all! AK Child & Family is recruiting Therapeutic Treatment Parents to provide treatment in their homes for youth ages 5-21. We know opening up your home to others is a daunting task, however it is a very rewarding experience to help youth and grow. As you think about if this the right time for you to share the love with others let us answer some of the most common questions we get.

What is Therapeutic Treatment Home Services?

Therapeutic Treatment Home Services, TTHS, is an alternative to restrictive treatment settings that provides intensive treatment that is clinically proven, cost-effective, individualized. The treatment is a combination of what is typically offered at the more restrictive setting, however treatment in a community family home environment. TTHS focuses on assisting youth with emotional and behavioral problems while assessing past trauma events and mental health diagnoses. The goal of TTTHS is to assist the youth with treatment goals in a safe, healthy, and positive community setting.

Who can become a Therapeutic Parent?

In short, anyone that meets the minimum requirements such as being 21 years of age, financial supports outside of the stipend, pass a background check, ability to work with a diverse population, etc. AK Child & Family is currently searching for dedicated, trauma-focused, team based individuals that wish to act as part of an interdisciplinary team that supports youth and their families.

What if I cannot commit to being a full time Therapeutic Parent?

There may be options! AK Child & Family does have the need for respite, or temporary, homes for youth. Respite homes commit to two time periods in the month that they can provide care for our youth. Respite typically lasts a day or two at time for a youth, however it could last longer if needed.

Is it safe to be a Therapeutic Parent during the pandemic?

These last few years have been challenging for the community and the impact has been significant for our youth, families, and treatment homes. Even with the challenge, AK Child & Family has continued to operate fully during the pandemic. As with most agencies, our approach has shifted to ensure safety and comfort during these challenging times, like by doing more youth services by telehealth. There are specific regulations and reporting procedures that are followed to ensure compliance with state and local COVID-19 guidelines. Additionally, agency staff frequently discusses the treatment home’s comfort level with the pandemic and adjusts accordingly.

Will I receive training?

Absolutely! Training is a major competent of being a Therapeutic Parent. The initial training, Pressley Ridge, includes nightly trainings from our Licensing Department that cover professional parenting skills, healthy relationships, managing conflict, and understanding behavior. AK Child & Family provided additional training on de-escalation framework, yearly trainings, and documentation training. Additionally, the Licensing Department hosts a monthly training tailored to the specific needs of the treatment homes.

What supports does the agency provide me?

AK Child & Family has a dedicated team of licensing supervisors to support you as a Therapeutic Parent. Additionally, the youth will receive services like skill building, case management and clinical therapy with our agency staff to help the youth make progress in treatment. The team is here to support you doing this work!

How can I help if I cannot currently be a Therapeutic Parent?

There are still many opportunities to assist the youth and families if one cannot currently act as a Therapeutic Parent. Engaging in discussion and highlighting the need for Therapeutic Parents is a great start. AK Child & Family has many flyers and yard signs that ideally would be placed throughout Anchorage to increase awareness. If you know someone that would potentially be a great Therapeutic Parent, provide them with the information. Finally, following AK Child & Family on Facebook and sharing posts can be another great way to increase community engagement.

What do I do now if I am interested?

We are so happy that you are interested. Please call 907-792-4111 so we can talk with you more about how to become a Therapeutic Parent.


(907) 346-2101 Jesse Lee & Maplewood Campuses

(907) 562-5340 Maley Center

Interested in being a therapeutic treatment parent? Click HERE!

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