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Our Community Programs Team

Clinical Staff

A Master’s Degree Clinical Therapist (CT) oversees and directs the treatment program for each youth in AK Child & Family services, in collaboration with the treatment team. While most youth in our programs access a community provider for individual or family therapy, AK Child & Family has some capacity to provide these services internally when other providers are not available.

Case Managers

Each youth and their family is assigned a Case Manager (CM) who becomes a coordinator, advocate and support in the acquisition of needed treatment services, whether through AK Child & Family or another service provider. These services may include: medical, psychiatric, mental health, educational, vocational, social and community based supports, related assessments and post-discharge follow-up activities.

Community Program Coordinators

The Community Program Coordinators oversee the Activity Program and Staff. They are responsible for the day-to-day scheduling of programs with youth, the therapeutic programming, and the coordination of Activity Therapy services within the treatment team.

Behavioral Health Specialists

Activity therapy is available both individually and in a group setting. Individual activity therapy pairs a youth with an adult Behavioral Health Specialist to work on social skills, communication, goal setting, independent living, anger management and other youth-specific treatment concerns as identified by the treatment team. Group Activity Therapy follows a curriculum that introduces youth to a variety of topics and issues that may include self-expression, community resources, initiative taking, vocational training, team building, health and fitness, social skill development and psychotherapy.

Licensing Supervisors

The Licensing Department oversees the Therapeutic Treatment Home program. The Licensing Supervisor staff recruits, trains, supports, and supervises the Therapeutic Treatment Homes and Parents and ensures that all standards of care are being met. The contract between the agency and the Therapeutic Parent is under the jurisdiction of this department.

Therapeutic Treatment Parents

Therapeutic Treatment Parents (Therapeutic Parents) are recruited; , screened; , trained; , supervised, and supported in working with youth that who receive services in their home to address specific behavioral health needs. Therapeutic Parents are licensed by the State Office of Children’s Services and contracted with the agency to provide therapeutic interventions within their homes. Each Therapeutic Treatment Home is carefully matched to a youth’s specific needs and interests to best meet their therapeutic goals. 

Parent Partner

Unique to the AK Child & Family C.A.R.E.S program, the Parent Partner is a role is responsible for mentoring and providing support to families within the program. The Parent Partner is an advocate, models advocacy and ensures that the “voice” of the family is leading care planning and implementation. The Parent Partner may provide services that include parenting coaching, teaching and the promotion of parent involvement activities. They will provide information, referrals and linkages to available community resources. They will assist to advance the family's home management skills and provide hands on assistance in the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment.

Compliance Specialist

The Community Programs Compliance Specialist (CPCS) is primarily responsible for administrative oversight of the of Community Programs service delivery and support services actions. The CPCS provides administrative oversite of service delivery and support services documentation to ensure records meet regulation requirements.


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