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Fantasy Football 2016-17

In Oliver cottage we play fantasy football and the people who play are the staff and the students. Everyone who plays in the fantasy football league gets to come up with an appropriate name for their team and mine team name is Speed because I like the Flash and I am a very fast runner when it comes to short distance.
The fantasy league that we have has 12 teams and each team can have up to 14 players on their team from the players that are active in the National football league. The staff and the students on Wednesday and Thursday get to pick up players with something called a waiver wire where we go from the bottom of the standings to the top and that is if we want a player that week some people just leave there team alone because it has been working for them.

The things that I enjoy about fantasy football are the fact that I get to learn something new about everyone like if they like football or not. I also get to learn how to make good choices and make fair trades with the staff and the students. I also like the fact that I am able to help the people that do not understand fantasy football because I have been doing it fore like two seasons now and I really like it a lot.

The thing with fantasy football is that it is all about chance because you don’t really know what the players are going to do in real life on the football field. It is a competitive thing when it comes to the playoffs because everyone is trying to get a spot so they have an attempt at the championship. I am a very competitive sports player and sometimes I don’t have good sportsmanship but I am trying to work on it and I am getting better at being humble when I win or lose.

Here’s what my peers have to say about fantasy football…
- "Fantasy football is fun… as long as I make the playoffs. LOL"
- "It’s very distracting and very helpful to feel comfortable in the cottage as have something in common with peers and staff."
- "Good decisions payoff!!!"
- "Denver broncos all the way. That’s all I have to say!"

Here’ what the staff have to say about fantasy football…
- "One team was eliminated from the playoffs one game before the regular season of fantasy football ended."
- "Go Buffalo Bills"
- "I appreciate learning more about football with the students and I enjoy watching them learn about positive sportsmanship."


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