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Thank you, Nathan!

I’m not one for wistful goodbyes…..

Each of us has a journey in life and I am eternally grateful my journey brought me to this great place. After 13 years, my last day at AK Child & Family is here and I approach it with mixed emotions. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have spent so much time learning from so many great people. My time here has been filled with so many memorable occasions; adventures with the kids, bonding with teammates, approaching unforeseen challenges.

This place will always be one of great importance to me. Every day brought a new adventure. The pace is fast and the challenges exhilarating. I can honestly say I have never been bored while at work. I wish I had written down every funny thing a staff has ever said to me. I wish I could remember the smile of every student I have ever worked with. I wish I would have learned from every mistake I have made. So many memories have been made.

Thank you to all of you who make the choice to be here for each other and for our kids. Each of you has made a conscious decision to be here to support this mission. Together we have accomplished so much and it is through our shared commitment that we are able to help the young people and families served by AK Child & Family.

THANK YOU, NATHAN and happy trails!!


(907) 346-2101 Jesse Lee & Maplewood Campuses

(907) 562-5340 Maley Center

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