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Students' Night Out: UAA Hockey!

Here at AK Child & Family, we believe that an important part of treatment and therapy includes being active in the community and learning to live and interact with one another positively. One of the ways we do this is through community excursions—sporting events, concerts, shows, etc. While these are wonderful experiences for our students, funds for these excursions do not always take precedence over those that go toward the direct care and therapy our students are here for. It is thanks to generous donors in the community that many of our students are able to attend various events in the community all year long.

This year, we were very grateful to receive season tickets from two couples: Judith and Larry Helgeson and Bob and Jeanine Huston! The Hustons have even offered to help us transport students to and from games if need be--we are so blessed! Each couple has written a little bit about why they support our mission and why athletics is important to them. Thank you Bob, Jeanine, Judith and Larry, for brightening the lives of our youth!

Watching UAA hockey for all of us has been a family activity and enjoyment. UAA hockey has been an important part of our lives. It has created some opportunities for our grandsons to be able to be exposed to some incredible athletes. The grandsons have been the stick boys for the team so have had many opportunities to interact with the team and the coaching staff. It has given them another opportunity to learn about commitment and follow through as they have been expected to be available for the home games.

Intercollegiate athletics is important to my husband and me. Athletics in general teach time management, discipline, how to follow directions, and to become leaders and good examples for the community. These are important skills to learn and refine in the college environment. Athletics motivates students to study and maintain grades to be able to participate.

We wanted to support UAA hockey this fall and help have more attendance at home games. We wanted to buy additional tickets and have them used. We know AK Child and Family is a non-profit and at times it is difficult to have the resources to give incentives to students in the program. We support the mission of AK Child & Family and were very pleased when we offered and it was accepted for the recreation department to have these tickets to use for incentives and the enjoyment of the students. Maybe it will encourage a student to follow their passions in some productive manner.

Enjoy the games! GO SEAWOLVES!

~Judith & Larry Helgeson

Seventeen years ago, when my wife and I returned to Alaska, we decided that we would like to have the University hockey players as our children’s role models for sports. We have actively supported the team over the years and have not been disappointed in the young men that we have gotten to know. They provide leadership to the student community and some have elected to remain in the community and provide a very positive patch of fabric in the neighborhoods.

--Bob & Jeanine Huston

Below is one of our wonderful recreation staff’s account of the evening:

It’s always so wonderful to go with students to community events and get to see them experience new things. On the way over one student professed, with a look of joy, that it was his first hockey game. Upon arrival the students got situated in their seats and began discussing predictions for the game. One student said he believed the score would be 10-0, another student said 6-0… All scores of course rooting for the win to go to the home team, UAA. When the blare of the horn went off the students quite literally jumped out of their seats out of both fear and excitement for the game to begin. What came next was a series of cheering and booing as they watched hockey players glide, charge, and even fight their way through the game. In the end although they may not have gotten that 10-0 outcome that was wanted (UAA lost 0-6), it was still a great night for all.


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