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Our Garden: The Last Hoorah!

Alberta Gerlt-Nelson has been such an asset to our organization! She is off to Utah to pursue her passions, but before she leaves, we wanted to make sure our supporters knew the impact she had on our students. Enjoy the below pictures from our gardens and student quotes about their time with Alberta.

“Garden groups were fun – thanks Miss Alberta”

“I would like to thank you Alberta for doing garden group with us. I loved the groups we did.”

”Gardening group took me to a new found love: PLANTS.”

“A Haiku for you: “Garden group was fun. You taught me plant stuff. Thank you for your help”

“I like garden group and I learned a lot about plants and I am going to continue learning.”

“I love garden group. It was my favorite group. It has helped get me through treatment. Caring for plants is something I will continue after treatment, something I only discovered because of Alberta.”

One student appreciated how he learned to grow sunflowers:
‘”The seeds are really tiny but they grow really big things, it’s like magic.” Besides gardening with Alberta, he really likes that “sometimes she makes three pointers when playing basketball” when they are together. They also enjoy playing football together. This year he wanted to see what blue corn looked like so they planted seeds and he found out blue corn tastes the same as yellow corn. His favorite thing to grow in the garden is “Sunflowers because they get so BIG.”

We'll miss you, Alberta!


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