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Treatment Foster Care (TFC) is a therapeutic service, which includes placement in specially trained and agency supported foster parent homes for youth with severe emotional and behavioral needs. TFC is a unique, clinically effective and cost-efficient model of care that provides youth with a combination of the safety and nurturance of traditional foster care with the structure and intensity of individualized treatment programs. An important belief in TFC is that youth are better off when they can live and receive treatment in the most normative environment possible within their home community -  when it is not possible to live at home with their family.


In TFC the Treatment Foster Parent, in the context of a family, home and community setting is called upon to effect change through the uniquely supportive and caring relationship that is formed. While placement in TFC is considered temporary, the relationship between the youth and the TFC parent often lasts well beyond the episode of treatment. The TFC parent works closely with the youth and their family through a coordinated multi-disciplinary treatment team approach. Members of the team may include a case manager, clinical therapist, parent support specialist, licensing coordinator, activity therapist, psychiatrist, guardian ad litem, etc.


TFC can be considered a step-down in level of care from a residential treatment setting or a step-up from an outpatient setting. Whenever possible, the youth’s family is engaged throughout the treatment process to address concerns that lead to an out-of-home placement and to support the family reunification process.


A majority of youth served in the TFC program have severe behavioral issues as a result of early childhood trauma that can be treated effectively in reparative relational experiences that TFC parents can provide as well as model and foster between the youth and their family. Our TFC program is built on the same foundation of our other community-based services that are strongly rooted in the wraparound process delivered through a trauma-informed treatment lens using a client and family focused approach.