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Camp Kushtaka

This was sent from a 12 year old girl in Treatment Foster Care. Camp Kushtaka is a camp on Kenai Lake run by Camp Fire of Alaska. For the past 6 years, AK Child & Family has provided a therapeutic camp experience for 20 youth at the camp and has introduced a day camp experience for the youth with their families. For many of the youth this is their first time having a camp experience where they can explore new skills, build confidence and make new friends.

“This summer I was available to attend Camp K. This year, I went to the Kenai area where I met many amazing people who played games, swam in the Kenai Lake, went boating, and much more with us. We also ate very nice, nutritious food and sang camp fire songs. We also did drama acts and we had so much fun. At night, the girls / boys, one night out of four days, had camp fire and we ate s’mores and sang and talked. If I were you, I’d go to Camp K any time available. The scenery is spectacular and the hikes may be painful, but in the end, it is sooo worth it! I loved Camp K and I know you will too! It was a really cool experience. It opened me up a little bit because I’m not much of an outdoorsy person. It helped me find things that I didn’t know about.”