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Making back-to-school a little easier

The weeks before heading back to school can be exciting AND hectic for your kids and YOU! Make it a little easier by starting to think about everything you need to do a little earlier ... ok, right NOW!

Here are a few helpful tips to think about as you prepare over the next few weeks:

  • How about a quick “drive by”? Drive by your child’s school on the way home from the store (or wherever) and start the conversation about back to school.

  • Visit school and do a “walk through”. This can relieve some of the anxiety of starting at a new school and can remind your child of fun times last year.

  • Schedule a meeting with your child’s principal or special education teacher to review the IEP and talk about concerns or any changes that might have occurred over the summer.

  • Talk with your child about his / her goals for this school year. Do they want to make new friends? Join a club or sports activity? Or begin the year with good study habits? Showing positive support is a great way to start the year!

  • Shop for school supplies and clothes with your child. Consider having him / her help you figure out a budget and ways to keep to it.

  • Review the School Routine: getting up, getting ready, bus or ride schedule, packing lunches. Lots less stress when everyone knows what to do and when.

  • Consider a Practice Day or two. Pack lunches, set alarms, go to bed early and practice getting ready for school. A “dry run” can help iron out the bugs in the morning routine.

  • Provide protein rich breakfasts and lunches to give kids a good start to their day.

  • Take a picture! The first day of school picture of each child leaving for school is a wonderful tradition to start in Kindergarten or even preschool.