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Planned Transition

AK Child & Family’s Director of Admissions, Allison Layman, is leaving us this week to spend more time with her family and we couldn’t be happier for her in part because of the fantastic manner in which she started the transition process.

Several months ago Allison had expressed her intent to step away from her current role; it is a crucial one from a family’s perspective as it ensures children and families are appropriately matched with services provided by staff at the agency. She offered flexibility in the timing of her departure and a strong commitment to work with whomever was selected to step into the role to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted hand-off. Having provided the agency with such a long time-horizon we were afforded the best opportunity to select her replacement in a planful way and prepare the ensuing transition with care.

We are excited to announce that Katy Smith accepted the Director of Admissions position and began cross-training with Allison recently.

While it is often difficult to say good bye to employees who epitomize the core values of the agency, being able to structure transitions in this fashion is by far the most preferred method. We’d like to thank Allison for her contributions to the agency, wish her all the best in her future endeavors, and welcome Katy into her new responsibilities as she takes on the mantel of Director of Admissions.