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The Case of the Missing Mug

April Fool’s Day came and went and so too did my favorite Rotary International mug. So how do we turn a distinctly un-Shakespearean tragedy into a beneficial outcome you may ask?

At AK Child and Family we work hard to provide quality care and treatment for children and families but also know the importance of a little comic relief from time to time to help strengthen teamwork bonds. And so it has come to pass over the last several months that tag-teaming pranksters have initiated one prank after another for the sole purpose of entertainment at my expense.

First, over the holidays a number of ‘holiday elves’ conspired to keep me guessing as to the origins of a series of anonymous notes; it wasn’t until the final note that the identity of what I thought to be one prankster morphed into seven colleagues, not to mention the myriad of others who enjoyed the spectacle of me chasing my tail in circles trying to figure out who the miscreant was.

Then just last week another opportunity arose for, partially of my own making I hasten to add, another prank to be played.

Having left my favorite coffee mug in plain sight someone absconded with it on March 31st. Over the course of the next several days mysterious photographic evidence of sightings trickled in; from a shelf at a local grocery store to the fountain soda dispenser at a gas station, the plot thickened.

So when Denis McCarville, CEO, brought attention to the plight of the missing Rotary cup in front of our monthly all-staff meeting a scheme was hatched to secure it’s return. For the anonymous return of the cup both Denis and I pledged $10 to the agency’s fundraising efforts. Wouldn’t you know it some staff took this as a challenge resulting in a similar fund to keep the cup from its rightful owner and before we knew it $70 had been raised to, you guessed it, ensure that it continued to travel.

Who knows if or when it shall return, but in the mean time we’ve managed to bring a degree of levity to the working environment and raise money for the kids and families we serve to boot. Not for a minute do I think this will be last prank to be played, but I sure do enjoy working with such fun loving colleagues.