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We love to sing around here at AK Child & Family. To share our holiday spirit we decided to tweak the lyrics to a very familiar song; knowing everyone knows the tune and can easily sing along. The reference to cookies is of course a nod to storytime where our students enjoy warm chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven– and there was no need to change the drummers drumming because it reminds us of the monthly drum circles we do with our kids.

Here in this place of healing called AK Child & Family – we are filled with gratitude for many things....most especially: 

Each year, we send a letter to our friends & supporters. This year's theme was "Reaching My Goals" and included the brave first person testimony of a student in residential treatment. We wanted to share it with you here, along with some original art by other students currently undergoing treatment, (and also themed). These are featured at the end of the letter--Enjoy!

Reflections on the importance of volunteering from employees of Alyeska Pipeline, who donated their time to AK Child & Family on September 12, 2018.

AK Child & Family's Director of Community Programs, Katy Smith, was recently interviewed on KTUU's Moms Everyday about how parents can help their children transition into the new school year. verbal responses to the questions had to be condensed for the interview, but her full-length, written answers are detailed below. Enjoy and happy Back-To-School! 

Our 2018 Alaska Flag Day Celebration was another smashing success! Below are some of our favorite pictures.

After a recent tree donation from the Anchorage Garden Club & planting ceremony, our students wanted to reflect on the experience and symbolic nature of trees through writing poems. Please enjoy these original poems by students currently undergoing treatment in our residential units!

In honor of National Foster Care Month, we wanted to highlight some perspectives of the amazing Therapeutic Foster Parents working with our students at AK Child & Family! Please enjoy the write up (from a past blog) by the biological mother of a student who went through our program, as well as some photos from a current Therapeutic Foster family.

The following blog is a tribute to the memory of Lynn Gaylor, beloved former Chaplain, Program Director & Director of AK Child & Family, who passed away April 13, 2018.

Pick.Click.Give. entered its 10th year on January 1, 2018. This philanthropic milestone gives reason to pause as we look at Alaska’s philanthropic landscape over the last decade.

Over the winter break the Activity Therapy department broke new ground by launching new all day groups for CP youth for the two week winter break from school. Built in a prime downtown location, the First United Methodist Church of Anchorage campus was their launching pad. We are so grateful that the church let us use their space, for our fifteen who participated in the program.

During the summer of 1966 I spent a month at The Jesse Lee Home for children as part of a youth work camp. This was a new facility outside of Anchorage as the old home in Seward was damaged in the 1964 Earthquake.