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Salmon in the Classroom

In a combined Anchorage School District and Department of Fish and Game program designed to teach students about fish life cycle, students at AK Child & Family tracked the progress of fish from egg to hatchling over the course of this school year.

At the conclusion of this insightful learning opportunity several students accompanied Ms. Franklin and staff to Taku Lake where they released surviving fry into the lake. Here are a few comments from students perspective about what they took away from the experience:

“I felt happy for the fish when we let them go. Now they can live in the real world and be free.”

“I like to see fish grow up. I enjoyed releasing the fish because it reminded me of my old school. We raised some fish at my old school. Sadly I did not get to release them but I did get to here. I am happy about that. Happy that the fish got to grow up and now they get to be with other brothers and sisters, cousins in the open ocean.”
“It was nice to get to raise fish. This is the first time I have gotten to have this experience. I hope they get to live a long life. Their food will be different but they will get used to that food. I hope that this class will keep giving kids this experience with fishJ”

“I think it’s cool to raise fish even if they’re gonna be eaten by people or a bear or something.”

“It was a thrilling experience to have fish in the classroom and brought back memories of when I did it in second grade.”

“I think it is good to have class pets. We had salmon. I named some of them; Joe, Mc’Donald’s, DQ, TJ, Alfred, Angela. They were fun to see and it was sad that most of them died.”