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Spirit Blog

After working at AK Child & Family for almost ten years, I still feel the same passion and determination to continue improving the lives of the youth we serve. That passion and determination is in part due to the wonderful coworkers I’m surrounded by each day. Through our teamwork, we are able to empower our youth and help them believe in their own success.
I’ve had the opportunity to see many youth heal and grow as an individual and as a family. Some still return after many years, just to say thank you and show their success. I will never forget the young man who came back after several years wearing his military uniform. He was no longer the boy I remembered but the successful man he had become. He shared his appreciation and gratitude for the support he received while in our care. It was important for him to say thanks and gave me a big hug before leaving on deployment. That moment filled me with pride and reminded me just exactly why we do the job we do.
I was honored to receive the Spirit award and Ultimate Spirit award for 2014. Receiving the same support and empowerment from my coworkers in which they provide to our youth everyday. After my nomination, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Spirit award committee, choosing the next years nominees. I realized just how difficult it is. Not that there wasn’t any one worthy but because there was so many to choose from. The Spirit of the agency can be found in all departments, from the administration, Rec department, to direct care and all the way to Community programs. It was never an easy decision, but in the end we were able to recognize and appreciate twelve of our coworkers in a very special way. Empowering them to continue the tradition and the Spirit of the agency.
Through our passion, respect for each other, compassion for the families we serve and determination we will continue to improve the lives of those in which we serve. Empowering others to succeed and supporting our community one family at a time.