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United Methodist Women's Christmas Auction

On January 23rd representatives from AK Child & Family, Alaska Police & Fire Chaplains’ Ministries, The Children’s Lunchbox and Heart to Heart Pregnancy Resource Center met for lunch at the 1st United Methodist Church’s United Methodist Women’s General Meeting for the purpose of presenting the four charities with the funds that were raised in the December Christmas Auction.

The 1st United Methodist Church’s United Methodist Women’s December Christmas Auction is an absolutely amazing annual event and with everything from Eleanor’s pickles to Katie’s quilts, there is something for everyone and AK Child & Family has been both honored and blessed to have been included in this wonderful tradition that has been so generous to many Anchorage charities.

As happens every year, we were all given the most wonderful welcome and, with permission, decided that it should be shared with all.

Good morning and welcome!
More than 35 years ago the ladies in this church (1st United Methodist Anchorage) wanted to do something to assist the worthy charities in our city and the annual Christmas brunch/auction was conceived! It is held every year the 1st Saturday of December and is a spirited occasion full of generosity and good-will.

All of these 35+ years we have had the same auctioneer- Linda Benson. This year she became a grandmother the day of the auction so a brand new auctioneer came to our rescue Doug Lindsay, our former pastor who proved that men are excellent auctioneers also!

The location of the auction has moved numerous times down through the years from hotel, to the church and now to the petroleum club. The hand-made items that are annually auctioned are lovingly crafted by members of our United Methodist Women, their family and friends with the purpose of raising funds for the charities that have been chosen for the year. We have commercial items also in a silent auction area.

Quilts, hats, aprons, wall hanging, wreaths, pillows, gift bags, towels and pieces of furniture are bid upon with emotion! The same is true for molasses cookies, pastries, caramel corn, candies, jams and jellies and pickles.

That brings us all together here today! One of the happiest days of the year for we United Methodist Woman members. We hope it will be so for you also. Again – Welcome!

~Alice Chaney

As previously mentioned, the 1st United Methodist Church’s United Methodist Women’s Christmas Auction is always a much cherished event to attend. A few years ago, we shared a beautiful story about a quilt that had been purchased at this auction and was then sent to Texas to bring warmth and cheer to a dear friend who had recently lost her mother.

The Chaplains