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Life Tools

Activity Therapists are Community Programs staff whose primary focus is to work one-on-one and occasionally in groups with the youth receiving services on developing and practicing skills that enable them to function normally and successfully. Part of that is making sure that the lessons/skills our youth learn, acquire and practice are tools the youth can use for life.

Activity Therapists teach these skills to youth by actively participating in activities within the community that spark the youth’s interests. Some of these daily activities include, but are not limited to: independent living (cooking, budgeting, learning to ride the bus, volunteer work, applying for jobs), a variety of crafting projects that provide youth with coping outlets and self-esteem building though creating, sports and other various physical activities such as hiking, basketball, hockey, ice skating, swimming, tennis, and soccer. Since we do try to expose the youth to a variety of activities, donations of needed items are always welcomed and appreciated. Below you will find our most recent wish list.

Supplies needed.
• Headphones
• Glaze for Ceramics
• Nail polish
• Polish remover
• Cotton balls/swabs
• Ink for Stamps
• Sharpie markers
• Yarn
• Thread
• Sewing Machines need fixing/tuned or get new ones
• Craft felt
• Popsicle sticks
• Canvases
• Paint brushes.
• Aprons
• Brown paper bags
• Stickers
• Laminating Machine
• Scrapbook paper
• Air dry clay
• Clay
• Sequence
• Feathers

In-kind or monetary donations may be dropped off or mailed to:
AK Child & Family
4600 Abbott Road
Anchorage, AK 99507

You can support Activity Therapy when you Pick.Click.Give. to AK Child & Family

We accept gift cards towards the purchase of supplies, and financial donations may be made at

AK Child & Family is currently accepting employment applications for Activity Therapists