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Community Role Model Janie Lidey’s Visit to AK Child & Family on August 5, 2015

Our Community Role Model for the month of August was none other than the beautiful, gifted, inspiring Janie Lidey! Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe the ministry of this Emmy award winning singer-songwriter. Words really can’t express the impact she’s had and continues to have on hundreds and thousands of lives throughout her career. Whether teaching, directing, composing, book writing, recording or speaking, her ministry has literally touched lives all over the world. She is especially impactful to the younger generation.

In her recent visit to Alaska Child & Family, Janie told many touching stories and shared experiences she’s had throughout her lifetime and career. The looks of awe and fascination in the children’s, as well as the adults’ faces was amazing to witness. It’s the same look I had in high school while under her direction. She has a way of making difficult concepts simple and she will continue to break down the concept until everyone has a clear understanding. I think that shows just how much she cares about what she does and makes her all the more enjoyable.

Now, on to the music! Janie shared many songs with the children and even gave some exclusive previews! She sings with so much conviction that you have no choice but to listen intently to every word that proceeds from her mouth. She means every word she sings! Her lyrics echo throughout the country and the world, bringing positivity and light. One song in particular, Change Of Heart, has made a profound impression on the lives of many people, including myself. I had the pleasure of singing this song with Janie during her visit! This song never loses its power!

Janie also plays guitar! She makes the chords come alive! The instrument accompanies her voice perfectly and is a big part of her life and ministry. Many kids at our agency play guitar so that made their experience even that much more enjoyable.Although she did not play during her visit, Janie also plays the piano! She’ll tell you that she’s no pianist but don’t let her fool you! She’s AWESOME.

There’s so much more I could say about the beautiful soul that is Janie Lidey but I don’t think there’s enough space on the Internet! Just know that she has a heart for God’s children, young and old. She is one of the most genuine, humble and serving people I know and I’m so blessed to call her my mentor and friend. Our children here at AK Child & Family were blessed by her presence as well. They still talk about “the lady with the guitar that came to see us”!

Oh! You can find her music as well as her book online! Please go and support positivity and life (=