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I dropped my desk phone the other day and a piece of it popped off and I couldn’t figure out where it came from or how to put it back on. I carried it over to the Gilbert Center lobby where I was due to attend our regularly scheduled social media meeting. I was fretting over how to fix the phone when our maintenance supervisor Andy motioned for me to hand it to him- and in 2 seconds flat he had it fixed! Since that’s how Andy rolls, I shouted out 1-800-call-ANDY! Because we can always count on him to rise to every occasion, big or small with ease and grace.

Andy is a super handy-dandy, skilled, talented, artist at caring for the physical needs of this place. Through the attention to detail he and his staff bring to their work every day, they also bring emotional and spiritual care to our students and staff, making our grounds and facilities useful, beautiful and well-maintained.

Yesterday Andy Hasenstaub celebrates 26 years of service to our agency. We all celebrate with him! He and his staff are not only responsible for making sure we’re all safe by clearing snow, repairing broken equipment and making sure all of our vehicles are in good repair – but he and his staff have also built our outdoor chapels, our sweatlodge, our prayer boxes and have custom built beautiful furniture for our chapel. Their artisan-quality work is a true gift to us all.

On his anniversary day, I sat down with Andy to ask him about his tenure with us.

KW: What’s been your favorite thing about working at AK Child & Family?
AH: All the good people I work with here.

KW: Tell me your best memory of your time here.
AH: Probably the most satisfying was the 1st joint commission survey we went through in 1991 and getting accredited – that was fun getting ready for that .

KW: What’s been your strangest assignment?
AH: Building the sweatlodge with the “blueprint” Kelli gave me that basically amounted to a drawing on a napkin.

KW: Tell me about some of the changes you’ve seen in our agency over the years.
AH: It seems like we’re serving more acute kids now. We’re recognizing more mental health challenges and the reasons kids act out. My department gets to fix all the stuff the kids break. When I first started we were still physically managing kids to try to prevent property damage. Now we’re looking at the root causes of kids acting out so they can heal and not just be punished.

KW: Anything else you want to share?
AH: Nah.

Thank you Andy for your years of dedicated, care-filled service to our agency. Thank you for your hard work, your humbleness and your humor. What a joy it is to work with you and call you friend! You are living Colossians 3:23! Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord-