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The Quilt Project

Marge Monschke, a lifelong member from the Buena Baptist Church in Yakima Valley, Zillah, Washington recently died at the age of 93. She had faithfully made quilts for American Baptist Missions for many years. She passed on the project to her friend Rosemarie LaClair, who mentioned it to Dorothy Gruginski, 92, at the Raymond First Baptist Church.
In bygone years - the American Baptist Women's groups each received a quota of items to buy or make for Mission Stations - here and overseas. Dorothy and Marge knew each other from attending the yearly conferences and both were partial to Alaskan Children's Home on Kodiak Island. In previous years they would make quilts for the Alaskan Children’s Home and then would be given to the boy/girl when they left the Home.
Time changes things and evidently the American Baptist Church is no longer associated with the Children's program. So when Rosemarie mentioned it to Dorothy that the fabric would be coming and asked if she thought some of the ladies would like to make quilts - she was thrilled to do this. One thing led to another and a group of 4-6 ladies got started on the project mid-summer, and then we lost Dorothy last month 9/5/15. We are continuing as best we can - we know that Dorothy is looking over our shoulders - so we better do a great job. We intend to make 15 to 20 quilts and then reassess and see where we stand. Any love or kindness we can send to others -especially young children in Jesus' name will hopefully let them know that there are people that care about them and their future.

Putting a Quilt Together

A Quilt in the Making

Pretty Quilt Pattern

A Spaceship Themed Quilt

Laura Rohr with Beautiful Quilt

In 1970, the American Baptist mission called the Anchorage Children’s Christian Home merged with the Jesse Lee Home and the Lutheran Youth Center to form Alaska Children’s Services. The American Baptist property called our Maplewood Campus still ministers to 21 adolescent girls every day. We still depend upon in-kind, financial and prayer support from American Baptist churches throughout Alaska and across the country to sustain our mission and our Spiritual Life program