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Fantasy Football

The Oliver Cottage Fantasy Football league may best be described as “Old School.” The league exists completely off line in this digital age. The draft is held with participants sitting in a circle making picks and doing their best to keep track of the remaining players available. Rosters are kept on the living room wall with slips of paper with player’s names on them. Line ups are submitted by hand and the scoring is done by hand by an Oliver Cottage staff member. Players are added and dropped in the usual fashion.

The Board
Playing Fantasy Football allows the students to participate in a popular activity that their family and friends may play and keeps them connected to sporting activities while they are in treatment. The Oliver Cottage staff who participate in the league begin prepping the students and generating enthusiasm in early August by bringing in magazines and discussing the finer points of Fantasy Football with the students (and each other). By draft day the entire cottage is primed and ready. The season is long and full of upsets and glorious victories. The helmets of the winning team are displayed year round in the dining room.

The Teams

The Standings
“Fantasy Football has given me a chance to enter the world of sports. Without it, I never would have understood as much as I do now. It is quite fun and enjoyable for me. This is a big change for me because I have never been so interested in sports before.”

“What I think about Fantasy Football is that we get to watch Football on Sundays. We get competitive with it. We get to pick new players ever week.”

“I think that it is fun because it’s a chance to see who the best players are. I also think that is a chance to be competitive and use your football knowledge. Also, we get to watch football on the days it is on and cheer for individual players that you picked.”

It might just be Fantasy Football, but the pride and glory are real.