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Fall Talent Show

Twice a year our Spiritual Life Department hosts a Talent Show for our residential students. Our hope is that each student who chooses to do so can be a star and have the chance to be the center of positive attention – some for the first time in their lives. Following are excerpts from several students regarding their experiences of the night of our Fall Talent Show & Banquet.

“The Talent Show was something that I really enjoyed. Everybody there was so supportive and encouraging. Performing was fun and exciting. I am thankful for the fact that we were served dinner and the fact that people spent their time for us.”

“I LOVED the Talent Show. I wish I had did the Talent Show, but I was to nervous and anxious to sing, or to do anything. But I had fun and enjoyed my time while cheering on my fellow peers and people. The Talent Show was fun and amazing. I was laughing and blushing a lot. I learned everybody got to have talent. My talent is playing basketball. I love basketball so much!!”

“In my opinion I found the Talent Show very inspiring. I was not a part of it but just watching it gave me inspiration. Even though all of them weren’t perfect they still got on that stage and did something from the heart. They were completely enjoying themselves not caring if they were good or not. They were just having fun showing what they’re capable of. I know for me it showed me how much my peers meant to me. We were like siblings and supporting each other very much and just showing them we care. My favorite part was just noticing how much we are like a family my peers and I. Just watching people enjoying themselves made me happy. And every single one of those teens was absolutely amazing and I loved it! It made my whole day!”

“The Talent Show was very cool I liked everyone’s act. It was kinda loud. I regret not doing an act. I think maybe I’ll get the courage to do it next time. I thought it was nice that there was guests allowed.”

“I thought it went great because everyone had a good time. And there were food, drinks and families that went.”

Time after time, year after year, we see the same thing. No matter the performer’s ability the applause decibels are the same. The care and encouragement spoken of above becomes manifest. It is the unconditional regard for one another that fills the gym with a blanket of grace. It is Psalm 100 come alive.
On your feet now – Praise God! Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourself into God’s presence. We are God’s people! Enter into God’s gates with thanksgiving in your heart and into God’s courts with praise. Be thankful to God and bless God’s name. For God’s mercy is everlasting sheer beauty, all generous in love loyal always and ever.