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125th Anniversary Celebration - a Wonderous Event!

Almost a year of planning and attending special events culminated today in our final public event- AK Child & Family's 125th birthday celebration! The actual birthday was September 16, 2015, but we celebrated it on Saturday September 19, 2015. Even though the event was fantastic (I'll write more about that later), everything that went into this momentous year is really what impacted me the most. To consistently witness the level of commitment, passion and heartfelt sincerity demonstrated by AK Child & Family's staff was an awesome experience. Many extra hours, including evenings and weekends were sacrificed in order to make this year a successful one and I believe it exceeded all expectations! I want to sincerely thank all of you for everything you do!

Anchorage Symphony Orchestra's Glacier Brass Quintet

The birthday celebration itself was a wondrous occasion. Many thanks to ConocoPhillips for providing such a beautiful venue. The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra's Glacier Brass Quintet was absolutely delightful, the Bridge's hors d'oeuvres exceptional (most of us probably made a meal out of them), our award winning short film on the history of AK Child & Family's 125 years was captivating, Senator Murkowski's speech was inspirational, the auction items were a lot of fun and of course the people were all incredible! One of the best auction items was an original oil painting by our very own Dianne Barske and I believe somebody got an excellent buy on it!

Eric and Natalie with StrattNet, producers of the award winning film on the History of AK Child & Family
Click to view Senator Murkowski's speech and our award winning video.

To top it all off our Board of Directors' Chair, Tim Astle, and our CEO/President, Denis McCarville, gave stiff competition to Senator Murkowski's speech. Both of their speeches were inspirational, thought provoking, uplifting and heartfelt! I was very impressed with their message and delivery. You two are great people and great leaders!

Denis McCarville, CEO and Tim Astle, Board Chairman

Past and Present AK Child & Family Board Members

This was the last public event of our 125th anniversary celebration and like the post Christmas letdown you experienced as a child; I almost experienced the same here. However, as you matured as a child and started seeing past all the gifts and food to the real meaning of Christmas, you realize this is just the beginning! The same is true for AK Child & Family. We have 125 years of history and experience that will lead us to the next 125 years. I'm very excited to see us continue to do what we do so well and expand services to those areas that are still in need!