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Outdoor Garden Winding Down

We are winding down the outdoor gardening portion of this group gradually for the year, but things aren’t slowing down! We have a lot of harvesting, food processing and storing techniques to practice, and fall clean up/putting away the garden to bed for the winter is around the corner.

At this weekend’s Farmers’ market, we will have some red cabbage, turnips, potatoes, lettuce, herbs, Serrano and Jalapeno peppers as well as little thai eggplant to put out for sale.

Vegetables for sale at Farmer's Market

Preparing for the Famer's Market

The youth involved in this process so far have really loved the whole project, from its planning, choosing of seeds, researching of growth needs and planting to the care and now the harvesting, cooking and selling of the beautiful vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit that they have tended to since January/February of last year. May have stated that they look forward one day to gardens of their own, and some to possibly working in an agricultural, horticultural or landscaping field.

Next our from-the-garden cooking group menu, pizza with vegetables and herbs from the garden, and zucchini and summer squash ‘pasta’ with herbs and alfredo sauce..stay tuned for recipes and details, pictures from the kids’ meals.