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The House on the Hill

Most of the buildings on the campuses of AK Child & Family are named after people who were a part of our history. Below is a story of one of those individuals.

Jesse Lee Building #7 is named the House on the Hill. In the early days of the Anchorage Jesse Lee Home, it was the residence of the Home’s Directors and their families. Currently, it houses the Sue Cole Memorial Chapel, the nursing and records departments, therapist offices, and the Spiritual Life staff offices.
Housed within the House on the Hill is the Sue Cole Memorial Chapel.

Sue H Cole (1929-2008) was a life-long friend of AK Child & Family. As a little girl living in Texas, Sue and her Sunday school classmates saved their nickels to “send to the little Eskimo children” of the Jesse Lee Home. She joined the ACS Board of Directors in the early 1990’s and served faithfully and passionately until her passing. Both Sue and her husband Hoyt knew of the Jesse Lee Home since they were very young. When visiting the Jesse Lee Home in Unalaska, she remembered it being like stepping on Holy Ground.

The oldest of six children, Sue was the daughter of a Methodist minister. She lived in many church parsonages, growing up in small towns across Northwest Texas. Her parents instilled in her a love of learning and caring for others. Sue and her husband Hoyt moved to Anchorage in 1968. Sue volunteered for worthy causes wherever she lived and touched many lives with her gentle, loving spirit. She was known for her listening ear and her words of encouragement. Her wisdom and caring blessed AK Child & family immeasurably.

On June 26, 2008, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to rename the House on the Hill living room the Sue Cole Memorial Chapel.