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The Sweet Spot

We recently had the privilege of André Horton coming to speak to our youth as September’s Community Role Model. He shared many pearls of wisdom with our youth as well as anecdotal stories that we all thoroughly enjoyed. We hope to share more with you on his visit in a later Blog.

The reason I bring up André’s visit, is because he shared with our students a Venn Diagram containing 3 circles with the titles: What you love; What you are good at; and what serves the world. The place where all 3 bubbles intersected was titled: The Sweet Spot.

As I was reflecting on this message in particular, as well as the couple of months I have coming up; the Sweet Spot really fits. In September, October, and November, I have several job fairs and other marketing/recruitment/increasing awareness types of events that I will be participating in or facilitating. September 9th we will be participating in FASD Awareness Day at the Anchorage School District Main building. September 16th, we will be recruiting at the Alaska Dispatch annual Job fair. During the weekend of September 25-27 I will be joining our Treatment Foster Care department for at least some of the time in their recruiting booth at the Alaska Women’s Show. October 8th is the University of Alaska, Anchorage Fall Career Fair. And finally, November 13th is the Military Veteran and Spouses Career fair.

I look at this roster and the anticipation and excitement is building. Recruitment is a major part of my job and I am lucky because it is what I love/enjoy doing and I am good at engaging people in those types of conversations. It’s quite energizing actually! And you will notice I have hit on 2 of the bubbles mentioned in the Venn Diagram. Here’s the kicker: it actually includes the 3rd bubble (what serves the world) because of the population that we serve and the work that our staff do. I really truly believe in the work that we do, the way that we treat our students and their families with dignity and respect, and the way that we embrace the idea of having a healthier Anchorage and Alaska community as a whole. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t believe in those things and our mission. There you have it. I’ve found my Sweet Spot!

We hope to see you all out and about at some of these upcoming events!