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Maplewood Girls Art Show

Recently after sessions, the girls of Maplewood III had been leaving small works of art behind. This has been a delightful little treat and always makes me smile and think of the uniqueness and creativity of our girls whenever I looked at the works. It also gave me an idea , “What if we were to have a little art show?” I ran it by our cottage’s girls to see if there was interest, and indeed there was!

So, I invited each of the girls in Maplewood III to take the next two weeks and create one or more pieces of art – any medium: paint, clay, poetry, etc. – which is meaningful to them. Additionally, the invitation was extended to the young ladies in Maplewood I & II, whose students sounded interested as well.

We had a small and informal “art show” on Thursday, July 30th to give the girls from each cottage a chance to see one another’s works, and I for one was very excited to see what our young ladies had come up with!

Below are pictures of all the beautiful art that the girls did.

Three Sets of Earrings


Sun and Moon


Chalk on Pink


Bright Future Path

Listen to Her Shout


Love is Forever Strong

My Girls Poem


Pastel Sun

Red Haired Girl and Monkey Drawings

She's So Beautiful

Sun on Black

Cool Tree

You and Me