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Summer with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra

During Alaska Flag Day, the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra Glacier Brass Quintet played the National Anthem while the Service High School ROTC performed the color guard. They also played the Alaska Flag Song. Sadly, I wasn’t there to see it or be there, because my mom wasn’t feeling too great, and if one of your parents aren’t feeling too great, you know it would be kind of hard for the other parent to take seven kids somewhere with a big crowd.

Glacier Brass Quintet playing at AK Flag Day

Glacier Brass Quintet playing the Alaska Flag Song

Randall Craig Fleischer came to AK Child & Family as the July Community Role Model, and I got to welcome him and walk him to the gym. He talked about his life, about conducting, and all kinds of stuff. We even got to ask him questions. Mine was: Have you ever made your own music, and did you get to conduct it? ( the answer was yes to both of them). It was nice. I was able to walk him across campus back to his car.

Randall Craig Fleischer, Conductor for Anchorage Symphony Orchestra

Last night, the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra invited my entire family to go to the Cheechakos (weird name, but back then, if I remember correctly, it meant “tender foot”), along with a family friend. I was excited, and so was my whole family. “Two more days until the symphony” they said or “Tomorrow is the symphony”. You could definitely tell they were excited.
Finally, after eating dinner on July 16, we got ready to go to the symphony. We thought we would be late, but actually we weren’t. I was so excited when we got there, and I could tell my family was, too. I sat next to my dad, he explained to me about the pictures they showed before the movie started. I learned a lot about what Anchorage was like a long time ago.
The introduction was cool. I thought it was also cool that this movie was the first full length film shot entirely in Alaska!
Then The Cheechakos started. It was a good movie. I liked it. It had a lot of action in it, but it was still a good movie. (Okay, now that sounds like I am trying to convince you to watch it. I think you should… if you haven’t yet seen it) my family and I talked about it afterwards. I had a fun evening.

Cheechako Movie playing accompanied by the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra

Thank you, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra for giving my family and I the opportunity to go to The Cheechakos. I really enjoyed it, and so did my family. It was a night to remember. Definitely!

P.S. I thought the music matched most of the film, so I think the person who made the cues actually did a pretty good job. I also wanted to say that I have now transitioned back home with my family and I hope that I will be able to attend more performances with the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.