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A Great Time at Alaska Flag Day Celebration

Happy Alaska Flag Day! My daughter, Luci and I had such a great time at the Alaska Flag Day festival on the Jesse Lee Campus of AK Child & Family, that we wanted to share with you some of our adventures that day.

When we arrived, flags from all the states lined the back field, but we came to celebrate our own Alaska State flag created by Benny Benson. Benny was a resident of what would eventually become AK Child & Family, when the contest for the Alaska flag design was underway. Maybe it was because he had endured such tragedy and hardship so early in life that he was able to appreciate Alaska and express his love for the state with a simple design that holds deep meanings. Benny explained his design to the judges, ”The blue field is for the Alaska sky and the forget-me-not, an Alaska flower. The North Star is for the future of the state of Alaska, the most northerly in the Union. The dipper is for the Great Bear – symbolizing strength.” Wow!

We started our evening by heading straight for the games where we met Luci's friend, Cate, and her brother, Drew. Luci, Cate and Drew took turns trying their hands at the washer toss game. This was a new game added this year to the celebration. Unfortunately, none of the kids were successful, but, as always, there were small prizes to be had for everyone. Then it was on to the putt putt golf green. Luci and I both took turns attempting to sink the balls in the holes, but to no avail. However, we received an awesome AK Child & Family frisbee for our efforts. We had worked up quite an appetite by this time and went to enjoy some grilled hotdogs and hamburgers.

Friends showing off their newly painted faces

Playing a game

Everyone wins a prize!
While enjoying our meal, we were able to watch another piece of history being made. Governor Walker, flanked by several state legislators and advocates, signed Erin's Law. This brings in a new era of sexual abuse awareness and enforcement for the youth in our state. What a great event to host such a momentous occasion. The ceremony definitely extracted tears and cheers from the crowd.

After more games and A LOT of time at the new bubble station, it was time for us to fulfill our volunteer role as "celebrity" ice cream scoopers. Although Luci can claim celebrity status (she's the face of the Pick.Click.Give. campaign for AK Child & Family), I just tag along as her personal assistant. However, this was by far our favorite part of the day! I love scooping ice cream because at the end, I get my own cup of ice cream!" shared Luci. And we had the wonderful experience of scooping right next to Mrs. Julie Sullivan, Senator Sullivan's wife!

Julie Sullivan, wife of Senator Dan Sullivan scooping ice cream, a favorite of all!

Luci, scooper extrodinaire!
When our muscles tired of scooping ice cream, we gathered up Luci's brother from the beverage station and headed home.I can't remember how many Alaska Flag Day celebrations we've attended over the years. It keeps getting better every year. If you've never been to Flag Day at AK Child & Family, you've got to come join us next year! The date is July 9th.Come find Luci and me at the ice cream tent!

Shari and Luci Showalter