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Annual student fitness challenge

The Oliver cottage summer challenge is on! The boys are going for all the records to make this, the 10th year, an epic summer.

The challenge given to them is to travel 300 miles and climb the equivalent elevation of McKinley, approximately 20k ft. This is a repeat of the first summer challenge from 2005, only they are doubling the miles traveled. The miles are officially tracked by GPS and bike odometer. So far we have climbed Near Point, The Wedge, O’Malley, and Wolverine. The longest bike ride to date has been 35 miles, which is many, many miles from the record of 120 miles in a single day done in 2012.

Their group progress this year is 316.89 miles biked, 128.18 miles hiked and 33,240 ft of elevation climbed. The weather has been a great start this year. We're hoping the rest of summer gives everyone the boost they need to reach their new goal.