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AK Child & Family, “The Phenomenal Agency”

At our June 2015 All Staff meeting, Licensing Coordinator Fannie Richardson received the Spirit award. The recipient of this award is determined by nominations from any member of staff below the supervisory level, with the final monthly winner chosen by the three-member Spirit Award Committee. Nominees are chosen based on their support of the core values of AK Child & Family, known as SPIRIT.

Students Provides therapeutically sound, cost-effective services with treatment decisions driven by the needs of students and families.

Positive Provide a safe, nurturing environment that promotes growth for students, families and staff.

Integrity Daily decisions are made with honesty, compassion, and concern for students, families and each other.

Respect Respect and recognize individual efforts and contributions to success. Ensure all are treated with dignity and respect.

Innovation Provide innovative services through creative, solution-focused problem solving. Believes personal growth is a lifelong process that fosters innovation and creativity.

Teamwork Rely on each other and the community for success. Effective communication and mutual accountability are the hallmarks of AK Child & Family teamwork.

Fannie has shared written the following after receiving the award.

You can write me down in history
With a certainty of Tides
Like hope springing high
Here a part of AK Child & Family I Rise

Supporting Our Mission: To keep the spirit of Christ’s love I help to provide quality care and treatment for children and families in need, to assist in developing their self esteem and the ability to live in harmony with others.

Some days are beset with gloom
But we all shall prevail like Oil Wells
Pumping in our office rooms

With families like fire in our eyes
We smile with flashing teeth
The swaggering of our waist
Up and down the stairs with joy in our feet

The Phenomenal people we be
Family lives in the palms of our hands
They need our Care
Cause AK Child & Family

Phenomenal we’ll always Be.

Thank You and without you I wouldn’t feel the Spirit!!

Fannie Richardson