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Foster Parent Appreciation Event

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, our Jesse Lee campus lit up with fun games, great food, and a collection of wonderful people sharing one goal of nurturing young lives into their future selves. May is National Foster Care Month and we wanted to have an enjoyable evening to show our appreciation to our Foster Families and let them kick back, relax, and enjoy their time among like-minded individuals. With busy lives and a dedication to fulfilling the needs of children in our care, finding time to get together, connect, and share insights with one another is not as easy as we wish. Our Annual Foster Family Appreciation Picnic allows our families an opportunity to do just that.

When you walked out into the field you saw kids playing, catching up with old and new friends, dancing, laughing, and having a great time. You can see through the crowd they were rallying each other to play soccer, flag football, and many other games. Some were gathering the crowd to play games, some were setting up each game, some would participate, and others would wait patiently for their time to jump in on the fun. These were kids being kids and enjoying their time with their peers.

Along with the kids having fun, Foster Families and Bio-Families were reconnecting and catching up about the children they raised together. How their children have grown over the years and the support that they have provided for each other in their time together. Some shared stories of their children graduating from High School. Some shared of students who are growing into successful adults. Some shared about how mom and dad have grown from a life of addiction to sobriety with the support from our Treatment Foster Care program. Many other stories were shared about the growth that each student and family has gained in their time with each other and aspirations of what they are looking forward to in the coming months and years.

These are the moments that continue to remind us of the great work our Treatment Foster Parents do. Through their dedication, perseverance, teamwork, patience, expertise, love, passion, and the list goes on… the young individuals in our care and their families are able to find themselves in a healthy environment where they can do all the things a family deserves to be able to do. We don’t see all the sweat and footwork that goes in to their day to day work with our kids and their families, but yesterday we were allowed a small glimpse in to the wonderful work they have done and continue to do with our future adults.

DJ Prince livened up the event with fun music

Plenty of good food to enjoy!