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Fine kettle of fish

For the past ten years, in partnership with the Department of Fish and Game, we raise Coho Salmon from the egg stage to the fry stage. We received our eggs back in September and have had them in a fish tank in our classroom where each day a student is responsible for checking the temperature of the water. The water has to be monitored for any sudden fluctuations which can harm the eggs. The tank is very cold, a consistent 3 degrees Celsius.

We have observed the first 3 stages of the life of a salmon: egg, alevin, fry. Yesterday, we released 23 survivors from a couple hundred eggs we started with into Taku-Campbell Lake. The survival of the fittest, as they say.

Here are a few student comments regarding the fish.

"They were awesome!"

"It was an honor to have baby salmon."

"The fish tank and the fish were calming for me."

"It was interesting to watch the eggs hatch into living things and take the temperature of the water. There were about 23 out of several hundred fish that survived and we had them for 8 months. When we released them they were still young."