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Thank you to the Madden family!

Last month, long time AK Child & Family supporter and Board member, Kerry Madden, asked, “Would you accept a vehicle as a donation?” I answered it with an even simpler answer, “YES!” This started a very simple transaction. Our maintenance crew went to her house and picked up the vehicle and the title. We sent her a thank you letter acknowledging the receipt of the gift, along with a copy of the Blue Book estimate to help her determine the value of her family’s contribution (for tax purposes).

This kind of donation is helpful to us in two ways. The first way is to … well, use it. This vehicle happened to be a pickup in relatively good shape. We have a couple of maintenance vehicles for our staff to drive between locations and pick up supplies but we have four maintenance staff. This means a couple of our staff use their own vehicles. Each mile they put on their own vehicle while working costs us money. While driving an agency owned vehicle costs money, it doesn’t cost nearly as much as it does to pay someone to drive their own.

The second way that we can use a donated vehicle is to turn it into cash by selling it. This is more common than the first way of using donated vehicles but as you can imagine, while we may not need a another vehicle we can certainly use new furniture for one of the cottages’ dining rooms, or a new washer, dryer or computer … you get the picture. Receiving a gift, such as a vehicle, helps us do the everyday work we do with the young people we care for.

Thank you, Madden family, for thinking of us. Your kindness is helping us make a difference.