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Fur Rondy Parade Quasquicentennial Float

In celebration of AK Child & Family’s quasquicentennial, a group of youth dove in to tie dying and balloon sculpting to create a colorful float for the 2015 Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival. The group learned about the beginnings of Fur Rondy as well as the rich history of AK Child & Family. They reflected on what they had learned through being clients at this agency and on their strengths that would carry them into the future.

Staff and board members proudly showing off our float.

The group laughed with each other as they shared stories and divided decorating tasks. They discovered hidden talents (like the art of tying balloons) and new fears (like when the balloons you spent 2 hours blowing up lose air). During the parade, their smiles brightened the day while tiny snowflakes drifted amongst the crowd-lined streets. At the end of the group, one member said, “I was really nervous about being in the parade, but I’m glad I was there. I bet not many people get to do this!”

YouTube clip of our float in the Fur Rondy parade.