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Thank You, Anchorage Symphony Orchestra

I got into the field of Social Work to fulfill my passion to advocate for children with complex trauma and / or those who come into this world with challenges such as FASD and mental illnesses. I feel AK Child & Family is unique in the fact that, as a Case Manager, not only am I able to go into the family homes, Treatment Foster Care [TFC] homes, schools and community, I am able to work with the entire family system for each individual youth. It is my personal belief that this is the formula for progress and empowerment. The more I work with our TFC parents, the more respect I have for them. They are my heroes. I have learned and made personal progress as a grandparent raising a grandson with FASD and PTSD from TFC parents than any book, college class or training on the subject.

As a parent and grandparent I have made a conscious effort to enrich my children and grandchildren's lives with exposure to the Arts by going to galleries and attending operas, plays, and various musical concerts. It was my pleasure to coordinate a group of 10 to attend the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra’s Evening at the Ballet. Not only did three TFC moms get to dress up and have an evening out, they each got to share this experience with two young ladies in their care.

As I was taking the two teen girls that I accompanied back to their TFC homes, the northern lights were dancing across the sky. One of the girls stated she did not think she was going to like this music but really enjoyed it. She then asked, “Do you think these songs are available on ITunes?” It’s moments like this that make the Case Managers at AK Child & Family feel validated for the work they do.

From a very appreciative group of 10, "THANK YOU, ANCHORAGE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA."

The group were a slightly engrossed in the Anchorage Symphony booklets...