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My sixth night at the symphony

I am sorry about that grammar mistake I made last time I wrote a blog. I noticed my mistake in my seventh period language arts class with Mr. Denney. I wrote, “I laughed, because it was funny how I saw Alvin and my peer talking with each other.” It should be, “talking to each other.” Man, I can’t believe I didn’t see that mistake. Oh well. Okay, now I will get to why I am writing this.

I went to my sixth symphony, five of them with the adult symphony in the Atwood Hall and one of them with the youth symphony in the Discovery Hall. I was excited to go. It was one of the symphonies I have been looking forward to.

I heard about it when I came back from Hanshew, when there was a piece of paper stuck on my door. I mean, the door was closed and locked with the paper sticking out of it. It showed the seats of the Atwood downstairs floor and it had a couple of the seats colored in. That’s when I knew that we were going. Thank you, Alana, for showing me where I sit each time, by the way. I enjoy keeping track of all the places where I sat during a symphony.

We went on a Saturday. I was ready to go a short time before we actually had to leave. So, then we finally went. I went to the symphony with two of my peers and two adults. One adult and one kid had to sit somewhere else, so we separated. I sat between an adult and one of my peers.

The music was awesome. Just seeing Dane Johansen play makes me want to learn to play the cello myself. I mean, a piano can’t make music sound like that. But a good cello player can. If I ask, I might be able to get to learn how to play it in the Hanshew Band or Orchestra. I really wanted to just keep watching Johansen play. I mean, he is a really good cello player. And, he memorized the whole song!!!! He knew exactly when to play and what notes to play. Also, there were times when he was playing so many notes in a short period of time that I was amazed at how fast he was playing accurately.

Sadly, we didn’t get to stay the whole time, because we had to get back to my peers in the cottage. However, we still had time to look at the amazing ice sculptures. One of my peers and I were so pumped up we were running all over the place, racing each other to different sculptures. That was fun. I was a little disappointed we couldn’t stay for the whole show, but I still enjoyed it.

Thank you again for the tickets. I hope you accept my apology about my grammar mistake. I tried not to make any mistakes in this one, but if I do, either Angie will catch it or my language arts teacher will. : )

From a kid who is grateful for both his teachers and ASO