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Working with StrattNat to create AK Child & Family Video

On a slightly overcast afternoon in early December the owners of StrattNat Productions visited AK Child & Family to work on a video production we aim to share early next year in time for our Quasquicentennial celebration (125th Birthday). Before talking about how much fun was had creating the clip a little back story is in order: Having previously worked with another local non-profit with ties to children, thread, Eric and Natalie from StrattNat donated some of their professional services to the 2014 Mayor’s Charity Ball. Knowing the quality of their work and sensing an opportunity to promote AK Child & Family, CEO Denis McCarville successfully bid on the auction item and arranged for them to visit the agency.

Back to the afternoon of December 7th; A number of employees, volunteers, and supporters of AK Child & Family offered up their time to be filmed in a variety of settings. Now you might be asking why didn’t we just film children and families presently receiving services? The answer to that is due to confidentiality laws, we can’t use videos of our actual students, as much as we would like to let them shine. For that matter, many of our students would love to be in the videos and regular followers of agency activity know that we have budding actors and musicians in our midst. So instead we send out a call to staff, friends and board members asking for their help depicting some of the natural things that go on in our programs. Beginning with a family oriented dinner table setting, not unlike mealtimes in each of our residential cottages or Therapeutic Foster Homes, children and adults alike were filmed partaking in a meal and recounting events from their day. The cast and crew then moved into the gym to showcase children engaging in exercise and having fun. This too is something that we actively encourage in all of our programs. Following the indoor activity it was outside for some healthy and safe sledding. Many of the staff and students at the agency are avid outdoor enthusiasts and there are ample opportunities for everyone to get out and have fun! The last filming segment for the afternoon was in our Spiritual Life Department. A few of the older teens participated in a drumming circle and craft group to highlight some of the work that goes on to support and promote the spiritual component of treatment in our residential program.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to the creation of the video. It took a collaborative effort with StrattNat, families, volunteers and agency staff to make this happen which once again underscores one of the enduring core values of AK Child & Family: TEAMWORK. The agency’s success is only possible because of the incredible teamwork developed and sustained by staff, volunteers, families, and children we serve each and every day. Stay tuned for the broadcast coming to the agency’s website some time in 2015!