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Treatment Foster Parent Testimonial

Our Treatment Foster Parent Recruitment Specialist, Breanna Porter, interviewed some of our Treatment Foster Parents to help readers understand why people choose to open their homes to children in our care, the experiences they have and how it impacts them. Below are a few questions and answers from our licensed Treatment Parents, Dennis & Marilyn Moore.

Q: How initially did you get into Therapeutic Foster Care? How long have you been doing foster care?

My husband and I have been foster parents for twenty plus years. We have been Therapeutic Foster Parents for 10 years with AK Child & Family. My husband and I wanted to give love to children and in return received more love back. We started out as foster parents for the Office of Children’s Services and after working with them for some time we transferred our license to AK Child & Family and did the necessary trainings and requirements to be Therapeutic Foster Parents.

Q: What are the successes and challenges of being a foster parent? Why are you a foster parent?

I do it because we need people to step up to the plate and provide love and homes to these children. The community needs to do what they can to help these children find permanent placements, or help them return back to their home and families.
I do it because I love children. We know most of us love children, but today, we have a real influx of people that need help with their children. The treatment foster parents are part of the team that helps these people.
We are the people who are reaching out, giving love, seeing and meeting the needs of children and families. The vast majority of these needs are everyday needs - hearing about a child's day and giving them comfort and security. I thought when I started foster parenting I was here to give love but you wouldn’t believe the love that I have gotten back. We have youth coming back in our latter years who are telling us about their success in life and the families they have started. We started friendships with many of the youth's parents and are still in contact with them today. We do it because we love children and it’s very rewarding to see a child move forward in his or her life.

Q: Is there anything you would potential treatment foster parents to know?

Yes, we would like to ask anyone with a heart for children to open their hearts, homes and families to children looking for directions, comfort and care.