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A Bear Kind of Day

Interview with the photographer of this photo, also an AK Child & Family Youth:

Q: What an amazing photo! Where did you take this it?

A: I took it at photography camp this summer. I took the camp through the Museum. We went to the Conservation Center in Girdwood. Don’t worry, I was behind a fence. The bear was actually pretty far away. I have a really good camera so I was able to get a really good close up of the bear.


Q: How did you come up with the title “A Bear Kind of Day”?

A: It was just a really nice day and the bear was just hanging out and I thought it was a just a “bear kind of day.”


Q: I see you have an award ribbon on your photo; can you tell me more about that?

A: Yah, I won second place in the junior photography division at the Alaska State Fair this Summer.


Q: You are obviously a really talented photographer. What other kind of work do you do? Why do you like photography?

A: I do a lot of scenery stuff. I also am contracted with the Tap Root to take pictures of the performers. Then I give the photos to Tap Root and the performers. I take about 20 pictures of each performer and then I put them on a CD. I also get free food, it’s really fun. I go to the Tap Root about once a month.
I like photography because the end product is really cool and you are catching a moment in time.


Q: You won’t forget me when you're a famous photographer will you?

A: I won’t!