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Treatment Foster Care is a powerful and unique model of care that provides youth with the best elements of traditional foster care and residential treatment. Treatment Fosters Homes are spread out throughout our community to support the diverse needs of the Youth in our care. Treatment Foster Programs provide clinically proven, cost-effective, individualized, and intensive treatment for youth and adolescents.

Youth in AK Child & Family Treatment Foster Homes range in age from 3 to 21 and come from a variety of backgrounds. The average age of all youth in our services is 14. Homes may host between one and three foster children, and may provide temporary respite care for other youth. Each youth is assigned a Case Manager, who meets with youth and their Treatment Parent(s) 2 to 4 times per month. Case Managers write treatment plans based on youth’s needs. Treatment Parents work with youth on a daily basis to meet the goals of their treatment plans.


What are the expectations of Treatment Parents?

Treatment Parents complete daily progress notes documenting youth’s behaviors and progress, transport youth to appointments as necessary, conduct monthly fire drills, have their own transportation, and have a flexible schedule. Treatment Foster Parents work as a member of an interdisciplinary team and interact positively with primary families. Parents need to have the ability to be flexible in their parenting style in order to meet the individual needs of each youth placed.


What background checks are done on Treatment Homes?

Treatment Foster Parents must be at least 21 years of age. No one in the home can have a history of abuse/neglect against a child, felony convictions, or removal / revocation of a foster care license. Background checks and fingerprinting are conducted for household members over 13 ½ years of age in the home. All Treatment Foster Homes are inspected to meet state guidelines for safety and cleanliness. Regular home visits are conducted and a thorough home visit and review is done every year.


Why is it called Treatment Foster Care?

Treatment Foster Care is an alternative to more restrictive treatment facilities. It combines treatment typically associated with more restrictive settings in a nurturing family environment. Youth are referred to Treatment Foster Care programs to address their serious emotional and behavioral problems.


What trainings do Treatment Foster Homes receive?

All Treatment Foster Parents have:

  • Completed the AK Child & Family pre-service Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Training emphasizing professional parenting skills, healthy relationships and communication, understanding and changing behavior, and managing conflict and crisis.
  • Become certified in the MANDT System: designed to help individuals manage crisis.
  • Been Certified in Adult and Pediatric First Aid and CPR; to be renewed every other year.
  • Have 35 training hours every year for 2 parent households, and 25 training hours for a single parent household.
  • Specific trainings tailored to meet and nurture the needs of the children that each family brings in to their home.


Questions or interest in becoming a foster parent?

Please call us at 346-2101!