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AK Child & Family provides a range of services for children from all across Alaska, from all walks of life. In 2012, AK Child & Family adopted a Trauma-Informed approach to care in our treatment programs, however, our services are not limited to only those with a history of trauma.

Children who are experiencing emotional distress that is causing an impact to their daily functioning and / or safety towards themselves or others are children who should be assessed for appropriate treatment and level of care. We encourage you to contact the AK Child & Family Admissions Department to discuss the concerns you have for your child with one of our clinicians.


How can I get services for my child with AK Child & Family?

AK Child & Family has a single point of entry to the agency. The Admissions Department is staffed with Master’s educated clinicians who are able to provide an assessment for your child based on their treatment history, current presentation, as well as interviews with yourself, the child, and potentially other sources as needed. The assessment is used to determine whether AK Child & Family has an appropriate level of care for your child and make recommendations for treatment placement.

Should the assessment determine appropriate services are available through AK Child & Family, an admission to our programs will be scheduled.


How do I initiate a referral / assessment for my child?

The process starts with our one-page Application and our Release of Information form. We request that the Application and releases be completed for any current and past mental health providers and / or psychiatric hospitals, any past evaluators, the child’s current school, as well as any agencies that are otherwise involved in your child’s life. These forms can be submitted to AK Child & Family via fax at (907) 348-9230, by mail or in-person as indicated on the application form.

The AK Child & Family Admissions Department will use the completed release forms to obtain records for the child in effort to assist in the assessment process.

Referrals received by the Admissions Department are processed into the assessment stage on a first-come, first-serve basis, however, availability of services as well as acute need of services is also considered.


What do I do if I’m concerned for the safety of my child and / or the safety of others who are around my child?

AK Child & Family is not an acute intervention. Our treatment programs are established for longer-term care, which requires a level of safety and stability. If you are concerned for the immediate safety of your child or those around your child, please contact your local hospital, emergency department, and / or law enforcement to best address imminent safety concerns. AK Child & Family is more than happy to assess for follow-up care for your child in such a situation, once they have been established in a safe environment, and a referral can be made concurrent to acute intervention.