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Maley Center

Also known as our Community Programs building, the Maley Center is the administrative hub for our Treatment Foster Care, Group Home and Home-Based Services. The Maley Center is located on the East side of town in an urban area with dedicated parking for our employees and visiting families and public transportation access. Our Community Programs provide services to families and youth ages 3 to 21 through Case Management, Activity Therapy, and Clinical Services. These services can be accessed in our administrative building or in the community, whichever is most convenient and / or best meets the needs of the families and youth we serve. Our Activity Therapy wing houses a fully stocked play room, snack area, a technology center, and sensory room. The Maley Center also serves as our central licensing site for our Treatment Foster Homes and Group Home, which can be found in various locations in the Anchorage Bowl.


Treatment Foster Homes

Treatment Foster Homes are located throughout our community to support the diverse needs of the youth in our care. Homes may host between one and three foster children, and may provide temporary respite care for other youth. Treatment Foster Homes are state licensed homes that have contracted with AK Child & Family to specialize in Treatment-based housing, and vary in style and size. Homes may be condominiums, apartments, family homes, or located in a multiplex. The size and style of the home impacts the number of youth that can be placed within that home. The homes are inspected annually to meet state guidelines for health and safety and have at least a monthly visit by our AK Child & Family staff. 

Treatment Parents work with youth on a daily basis to meet the goals of their treatment plans. Treatment Parents receive extensive, ongoing training including MANDT certification, CPR certification, Pressley Ridge Treatment Foster Care Training, 25 annual training hours for single parent households, 35 annual training hours for 2-parent households, and tailored trainings to meet and nurture the needs of children brought into the home.