Home-Based Services at Community Programs begin with the youth and their family and involves a multi-disciplinary team that is organized by a case manager. Services are based around the expressed needs of the youth and family through a comprehensive behavioral health assessment and delivered through a wraparound practice model that engages formal and informal agency supports, the school and the larger community. Other team members include clinical therapists, activity therapists, psychiatrists and school personnel. Youth served in this program present with severe emotional and behavioral problems that require a more intensive treatment approach than what is offered through traditional outpatient counseling.


Treatment combines rehabilitation and clinical services structured in an individualized treatment plan and draws on the natural strengths of the youth, their family, and available resources in the community. The intent of home-based services is to preserve the family system, or, in some cases, assist in family reunification. Home-based services can be a step-up in level of care or considered a step-down from Treatment Foster Care or Residential Treatment.


Our home based services program is built on the same foundation of our other community-based services that are strongly rooted in the wraparound process delivered through a trauma-informed treatment lens using a client and family focused approach. The Transition to Independence Process model of treatment is employed in working with older youth preparing to transition to independent living.