Group Homes

The Charlie Elder home for boys is a unique collaboration between AK Child & Family and Catholic Social Services. The home is owned and staffed with a coaching parent by Catholic Social Services and treatment services are coordinated and delivered through AK Child & Family.


The home is designed for boys 14 years of age and older that are likely not returning home and therefore require independent living skills in a community-based setting. Youth served in this program are considered to have severe emotional and behavioral problems that are identified in a behavioral health assessment with treatment delivered by a multi-disciplinary team through an individualized treatment plan. Team members may include a case manager, clinical therapist, parent / guardian, school personnel and psychiatrist. Whenever possible the family is encouraged to be engaged throughout the process of treatment.


The Teen Group Home is an alternative out-of-home placement that is considered a step-up in level of care from home based services and provides a greater degree of independence than the Treatment Foster Care program. Youth are expected to attend school and / or have employment as well as be engaged in community activities whenever appropriate.


The Teen Group Home program utilizes the Transition to Independence Process treatment model and draws from the wrap-around  practice model and trauma informed treatment practices whenever appropriate.