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Open House Turnout

Greetings blog readers! First I want thank you for reading our blogs and keeping up with AK Child & Family. We can’t thank you enough! Second, I would like to warn you this is the first time I have written a blog, I had to Google the definition of a blog. (True story, I know. Get with the times, Bree!). And third, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Breanna (Bree) Porter and I am the current AK Child & Family Treatment Foster Parent Recruitment Specialist. My background is in Clinical Case management and Child Protective Services. I am very excited to be taking on the new challenge of recruiting folks to become a Treatment Foster Parent (otherwise known as an angel on earth, in my opinion).

AK Child & Family recently hosted an Open House. The Open House was created to not only get our agency’s name out there but to recruit Treatment Foster Parents and employees. The event was held on November 13th, 2014 and was advertised through fliers, newspapers, online event calendars, and word of mouth. The Open House was held at the Maley Center (Community Programs) on Bragaw Street. Guests were welcomed into the lobby and escorted into the conference room. They were welcomed with finger foods and a table with information about our rich and long history in Alaska. We also provided our information table about employment and our Residential Programs.

Chief Clinical Officer, Anne Dennis Choi

Present were Human Resources Development Manager, Rachel Coulter; Director of Donor Development, Angela Rush; President and CEO, Dennis McCarville; Chief Administrative Officer, Rob Morris; Treatment Foster Care Program Supervisor, Holly Grant; Activity Therapist, Victoria Barnes; and Licensing Supervisors Sonia Lipker and Fannie Richardson. (As you can imagine with all these big-wigs about I was praying people would actually come—and they did! Woo-Hoo!)

Guests were encouraged to explore the rest of the Community Programs activities area and the Treatment Foster Care table. Guests were escorted by Victoria to see our Activity Therapy department is located and its different areas such as the Sensory Room, which is a very cool room with different sensory and tactile objects

Sensory Room

Activity Room

Also presented were an art and activity room, the snack area, and student art throughout the building. Located in one of our Activity Therapy rooms was our Treatment Foster Care table with information all about our Treatment Foster Care program. There was also a presentation where I spoke with interested applicants to explain the program step by step. We were privileged to have a former student and a current Treatment Foster Parent to speak about their experience. This was a favorite with our guests as they could get information from not only someone who is doing the work on a day to day basis but also an actual student who could speak to the support and life saving services we provide. The student commented that they didn’t know where they would be right now in life if it wasn’t for the services AK Child & Family provided.

Our goal for next year is for more people to come! We really hope to see you next year and again thank you for your time and reading my first ever blog! Cheers!