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Our second night at the symphony

Thanks to the generosity of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra, several of our youth were given the opportunity to attend Disney in Concert: Tale as Old as Time. AK Child & Family staff member, Alvin, said, “It was great for the kids and our program to be able to attend such an amazing musical event in the community.”

Many thanks to Alana, Randall and Sherri for showing these boys the gift of giving and for making them feel so very special. While I would love to share the smiles on the faces of those who relayed their experiences from the Symphony, I will instead share the pictures they took and the stories they wrote in appreciation of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra.

My 2nd night at the symphony
By the same boy who went last time

I was so excited during room time when I found out I was going to another symphony! My roommate was all happy that he was picked to go, too. And some of my other peers were going to go also. I wore the same thing I wore to the symphony last time, except without a tie and my roommate turned a tissue square into a handkerchief looking square that I wore in my front pocket.

I found out I was going with some of the peers that are at Oliver Cottage. Alvin, the Oliver staff that was taking me, along with two other peers from Oliver, rode with me in the car. Earlier that day, I drew a picture for the conductor, because I was meeting him after the symphony was over, and I had that with me in my pocket as we entered the Performing Arts Center.

I won’t write down the schedule for the whole thing, because if I did it would take up a lot of space, and I don’t really want that to happen. The Disney Symphony schedule was really long, but I was still excited.

As we entered Atwood Door B, I saw a huge screen hanging down from the ceiling, and so then I figured that they would be showing clips of the movies that they were going to play. Then the music started.

I can’t believe how awesome the show was! It was lots of fun, they showed clips of the movies like I thought they would, and the singers…The singers sang exactly just like the original singers sounded like in the movie! They sang in perfect harmony, and it was awesome. It is hard to describe how awesome they sang, but I can tell a lot people liked it. Especially after the Frozen one, there was a lot of clapping.

During intermission, I met with the woman who I saw on my previous time. She said that the conductor was anxious to meet me. I felt really honored after I heard that.

The part I like the most about the whole thing (it was the whole thing, but if I had to choose something…) I’d choose the Frozen Medley. I chose that medley because Frozen was the movie I watched the most recently out of all the movies there, and I really liked the movie. So watching the video clips and having the people sing it in front of me was a awesome experience.

Soon, the movie was over, and it was time for me to meet the conductor. I was anxious to meet him. I met him downstairs in the place that last time the staff Zac and I waited for our tickets last time. He said hello, asked what instruments I played (by the way, if you didn’t read my last story, I play the piano, the guitar, a little harmonica and a little recorder), he asked what I might like to be if I could be anything and then he shook my hand (he also asked the peers from Oliver some questions and shook their hands too). Then we said goodbye and headed back to the Jesse Lee campus.

Thank you for the tickets to this awesome show and for the chance to meet the conductor. Thank you Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. I REALLY appreciated it.

Sincerely, the boy who had a second chance to go to the awesome symphony and enjoyed it.