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Reflecting on Flag Day

I was enjoying the sun on Sunday and recalling our most recent Flag Day a day that holds a reputation of always being sunny, a day that you never have to worry about rain. This year’s Flag Day was a great success. Families, neighbors, volunteers and staff came from all parts of our community to eat great food, listen to great music, participate in the numerous kids’ activities and socialize with old and new friends. Rick and Cyndie Fox, our Honorary Chairs, and neighbors came with their grandchildren. Both grandchild and grandfather were observed going back for second servings in the ice cream line – I am not sure whose idea it was, the grandchild or the grandfather. It did seem the grandfather had the biggest smile.

The band, Spank the Dog, was very popular this year as was the group of children, Junior Dyosas of Alaska, who sang during intermission. Since we were on every TV channel in Anchorage, I know our Flag Day event was popular with the news media that evening. We were honored again this year with a host of volunteers. Some took tickets, manned the grill, or made sure the food lines were well stocked, while others (our celebrity scoopers) dished out ice cream. Speaking of the grills, they were both loaned to us by ENSTAR and Alaska Sand & Gravel. We had more sponsors than ever this year and we are truly grateful to them for helping us put on a very successful Alaska Flag Day Celebration.

That said, we learned something this year about Flag Day. It’s said that it never rains on the Flag Day celebration here at AK Child & Family, and because it never rains we always thought it was the sunshine that made it feel so warm and special. We learned this year that it can (and did) rain, yet it was still warm and special. We learned this year that it’s the people, the staff, the families, the neighbors and volunteers that make Flag Day Special and that the sunshine – well, let’s say it’s only a bonus.

I want to thank our sponsors, the band, our honorary chairs, and all of our volunteers for making the day a big success.