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Internship / Practicum Opportunities

At AK Child & Family we feel that increasing knowledge base, education, and celebrating knowledge is very valuable. Earlier this summer, we recognized our staff that graduated this year. Another area that we choose to foster education and learning, is through partnerships with University of Alaska, Alaska Pacific University, and other educational establishments to provide practicum and internship placements at 3 levels: Undergraduate (Associates / Bachelor’s), Graduate (Master’s), and PhD. Many times, those placements can and have turned into gainful employment after the internship or practicum has ended.

Andrea, was a Senior in college on her way to completing her Bachelors in Psychology when she completed an internship with us. She was interning under a Treatment Program Supervisor in our Residential program. Andrea said about her experience:

“As a recent practicum student at AK Child & Family, I mostly enjoyed getting to know the kids and experiencing the life they live on campus. Before this I had never visited a treatment center, let alone one like this. After spending time here I have really grown to like it and appreciate what everyone is doing for these kids.”

Andrea transitioned to gainful employment in the same unit that she interned in.

Jessica was a Master’s level intern with us prior to obtaining gainful employment as a Clinical Therapist in our Residential program. Jessica shared this with us regarding her experience:

“Interning at AK Child & Family provided me with the opportunity to learn more than just individual therapeutic skills, but also family and group trauma-informed interventions with diverse populations. The experience has been an asset and valuable stepping stone in achieving my career goals.”

Rachel has worked at our agency in a couple of different capacities, her most recent being an Intake Clinician. As an already established employee, she has also utilized our practicum/internship placement opportunity. The process for an employee completing an internship/practicum with AK Child & Family is a little bit different because their duties as a paid employee cannot overlap at all with their unpaid internship duties. Rachel is one of our Doctoral (PhD) interns. She says of her experience:

“Over the past year I have been working as a practicum student doing individual, group, and family therapy as a residential clinical therapist. The experience broadened my understanding of trauma informed care, crisis intervention, family systems, and provided me an opportunity to do meaningful work with caring, humorous, resilient, and good natured kids. The time I spent working closely with these youth and families clarified for me that sometimes good kids make poor choices. It was wonderful to be a small part of the change process. The clinical skills I gained from my work in this practicum will be an invaluable stepping stone in the journey toward obtaining my Ph.D. I already miss the clientele, families, and staff members I had the privilege to work so closely with.

My favorite part? Helping them pack their stuff to go home after a year’s worth of hard work earned them a successful discharge. I’m very proud of the work the boys on my caseload did during their time in treatment.”

If you or someone you know is interested in an Internship or Practicum placement with AK Child & Family, please contact Rachel Coulter for more information. She can be reached at either 348-9294 or from our Contact Us page (use the topic 'Human Resources').